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How To Bitcoin

How To Bitcoin
in Australia

Bitcoin Adoption 2024 to 2034

This Website is about Bitcoin, and what we see to be its rampant adoption over the next decade. Whatever You read on this website is not Financial Advice, it is for your entertainment only. We are a group of Australian Bitcoin enthusiasts and we don’t want Aussies to miss out on this generational opportunity ahead of us. We are not crypto nor finance professionals, we are enthusiastic individuals and HODLERS. Bitcoin and Crypto is seen as a very high risk investment, do not bet your livelihood. We don’t either. That being said, when it comes to Bitcoin we conclude that:

The Riskiest Allocation is Zero

I am not sure whether you have noticed, our hard earned Australian Dollar is going down the drain faster than usual. Some say inflation is just a law of nature we have to live with, others argue printing hundreds of billions of AUD to pay us Aussies to stay home during Covid could potentially have an impact. Or maybe the decline in iron ore production correlates to the devaluation. Clear is that AUD is in decline and while the farmers protested for $1 milk price at the supermarkets not long ago, now you be lucky to pick one up for $2.

How to Build Wealth with Bitcoin

So how can the hard working Aussie build any wealth with his super holdings loosing value faster than he can accumulate it? We believe a part of the answer will be Bitcoin, the hardest asset on the planet. There are many crypto currencies and many different propositions – but Bitcoin is unique in the way that it is not a company, nor a corporation and simply not in the hands of a few individuals. There is nobody out there who can dilute the Bitcoin supply, it is fixed at 21 million. Bitcoin is in effect deflationary while the entire global fiat system explodes in an inflationary bonanza. Yes Bitcoin is known for its violent ups and downs scaring off traditional investors. But if you dare to zoom out the chart and look at the last decade of Bitcoin, you start to see an emerging picture. It is this volatility associated to the current growth and adoption phase of Bitcoin which is not your foe but your opportunity.

Am I too late to buy Bitcoin?

Not At All Mate!

It is true that early adopters will be able to leverage their entry into Bitcoin in unbelievable ways which will become less possible over time – you are not too late mate!  It is quite possible you will be looking back in 10 years and hail yourself as an early adopter and ride this adoption phase to incredible effect. Today is the perfect day to buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin has survived a decade and a half and has reached a level of decentralisation and adoption which really makes it less of a risk than it has been in the past. No longer shunned by traditional banking as money for criminals and terrorists – the banksters are now into it big time. Pension Funds and Traditional Investment funds are starting to access Bitcoin through the brand new ETF’s. Governments, institutions and companies are about to follow suit.

This is the time for Aussie families to adopt in their own way to grab a tiny piece of the coming tsunami. You don’t have to buy an entire bitcoin, you can buy bits! Bitcoin is currently a volatile asset, therefore layering in over time is the way to reduce your entry risk and come out on top. Dollar cost average your BTC investment by buying small portions at a level and intervalls agreeable to your personal financial circumstance. Discuss your investment strategy with your financial advisor. Do your own research.

There will NEVER be more than 21 Million Bitcoin

And nobody can change the rules

Nobody can print more Bitcoin. No Corporation, no Boardroom full of suits can decide to increase the supply of Bitcoin. Nobody can change monetary policy to fuck you over. No inflation to fund your government. In fact, Bitcoin is deflationary assuming some holdings are lost forever. You can get others to hold Bitcoin for you, increasingly your financial institution will offer it to you – but they cannot increase the supply either.

Affiliate Disclosure Statement

We affiliate with Coinspot. We use Coinspot ourselves and believe it to be one of the best options currently available to Aussies like you and me. They can be a pain in the arse at times increasing their fees unreasonably without notice especially for on chain transactions, none the less, they are regulated by Australian Authorities offering you the consumer protection you expect from any financial service. We also affiliate with Ledger Hardware Wallets which we believe the be among the very best when it comes to self custody of Bitcoin.